Hey guys! Your Kimmy's here and all ready for all your phone sex fantasy fun. I'm your naughty, kinky girl with absolutely no limits on everything we do and what we do is just between us, so get as wild as you want with me. I do it all from sexy seduction to kinky extreme. If you have questions or want pics of more of your lil Kimmykins or Kimmers, depending on who you ask, LOL, email me at Kimmy2Call@comcast.net and let me know what you want. It's OK too if you want to call real quick first to make sure I'm available too. I can't wait to play with you!

I'm only allowed to take calls from the USA and Canada, with Visa, MasterCard or Discover cards ONLY. Fraudulent callers will be punished by the billing guy and even if you like punishment, it won't be the good kind so play nice and we'll have all the fun you can handle and more! What are you waiting for? Call me. :o)

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